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Yes, when you mint on nftmaster we pin the metadata file which contains the information about the NFT such as Name, Category, Properties, etc. We also pin all of the assets including images, video, audio or animation.

Mint credits are credits that must be purchased to mint on nftmaster. The cost of these credits go towards the cost of pinning the files to IPFS as well as the development of the site and adding new features.

The 'Taxon' is a number that indicates the collection. You can think of it as a collection identifier. If an address mints multiple NFTs with the same Taxon it's considered that those NFTs are under the same collection.

Create Support Ticket

All support tickets must be opened in our discord. Firstly, join our discord using the invite link below. Verify your account in the discord server. Navigate to support and click "create-a-ticket".