"Satoshi is not one, but many" - These collectibles were inspired by a complex and compelling universe about technology, society and futurism.The story is aimed to give a literacy background to some ∎ɯɐǝɹʇsuıɐ₥ʞɔnɟ NFT collections and produce an entertainment driven utility. Assigens are also the key to breed something when combined hodling with "Assimovs" is pushed into the ₥ Server. This collection is part of the ⎖unflake 2022 series, the early NFTs of the ₥ tribe. The minters of these pieces are the first wave. Each Assigen represents the laboratory testimony of ₥ scientists trying to create the perfect human being with cryptographic genes, better known as ₥ blocks. These were created at the end of the Satoshi´s era when humans began encrypting genetic material into the quantum chain.




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